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Natural olive oil soap against hair loss from Crete, Greece
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Lather in hands or hair to create foam. Massage gently into roots. Leave on, for 1 minute and rinse. During the first month, washing twice a day may promote hair re-growth even faster. Not much soap is needed for a wash. Each soap bar should last for 40-60 washes. 

The soap should be totally dry before every use, and hard as a rock. If the soap is still moist, use another soap bar that is dry, and interchange the usage of soap bars. After usage, keep soap in a dry place. The soap has a tendency to melt if left in water or moisture, more than regular soaps, since it does not contain any chemicals to keep it from melting. 

Amalthia Soap can also be used as a general hand or body moisturizing soap and for shaving. Frequent use of this product cannot cause irritations due to the extra virgin olive oil, the wild onion extract and the lack of chemicals. It can also be used for shaving, as it does not cause any irritations. Using of a shaving brush can create thick foam.

After the first six months of using the soap, not much soap should be used in every wash and it should stay on the hair up to 1 minute, since the regrowth/straingthening process has started. Wash with Amalthia Soap once a day or every other day. If you keep you hair short, you will notice that they will start pointing up, because they are getting stronger. If you see your hair getting a little freezy, you are using too much soap on every wash, or you are washing too often, or the soap is not totally dry before usage. Using more soap, and/or not correctly, will not promote hair re-growth. 

For best results no other hair products should be used once you start using Amalthia soap, because most hair products contain chemicals and this method is all natural.  Only in the case of  long hair, if after you use the soap you discover less mobility, you may wash only the ends of hair with a gentle shampoo or conditioner after following these instructions. Extra advice for men having a real problem with hair loss is to keep their hair fairly short and trimmed at least every three weeks. Also, if you enjoy swimming in the sea/pool, please rinse salt/chlorine water with fresh water, before it dries in your hair since it kills the roots.

Hair falling stops with in 1-2 weeks of using Amalthia Olive Oil Soap. Hair re-growth  with Amalthia Olive Oil Soap is an a slow process but it works. If hair has not been lost too long ago (few years) the hair will get recovered (totaly or partially). The hair line will be moving forward. First some hair and then, they will become more dense. And as these get more dense, some more hair will appear even further forward (towards the face).

If you keep using Amalthia Olive Oil Soap you will not loose hair again and they will be getting thicker and stronger.

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